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About Sarah

Sarah  Costello

Interior  Design  Architect



About Sarah
I have recently completed my honours degree in
Interior Architecture at Cork Institute of Technology. During my time studying
in this industry, I have learned how to design liberal, smart and efficient spaces.
From a young age I have loved expressing my creative side
through my art and design while also having a keen eye for detail. 
My goal in life is to always love what i'm doing.
This includes my work and  past-times.
Please explore my work and of course 
don't hesitate to reach out via email or LinkedIn.
Click here for my CV to find out more information about me.
Sarah Costello

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to check out my work.

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Enjoy !

Interior Design Architect
Sarah's Work

Sarah's Work

Recent Project - Hewitt's Distillery
2018 - 2019
My final year project consists of the redesigning of an old building in Cork City with the theme of 'Community' determining the function of the building. I chose the Hewitt's Distillery in Blackpool, Cork. This building operated as a whiskey distillery for over 100 years but has remained derelict in recent years.
The aspiration for this building is to bring a new life into the building and reconnect the community to the remote building. It's location on the Watercourse Road plants it in a prime location and destination point for local community, business and artists.
Functions in the building include a public space for community events, performances and pop-up displays. A co-working space has been incorporated for local business looking for a collaborative space or outside companies needing a space to rent for a short period of time. A noticeable growth has occurred in the creative community around the city which gives this building the opportunity to be a collaborative space for artists. With this came the decision to have an exhibition display on the pathways through the building to showcase work. A cafe has also been given an area in this building as a form of public gathering space.
Screenshot 2019-06-07 at 1.12.43
Screenshot 2019-06-07 at 1.06.42
Approaching the Hewitt's Distillery
Reception Area
overall space (1).jpg
View over cafe space
Screenshot 2019-06-07 at 1.11.56
Event Space
Screenshot 2019-06-07 at 1.12.08
Cafe Seating
Co-working office space
COWORK ps.jpg
Co-working - Breakout
3d section labelled.jpg
Detailing of Cafe Servery
Finishes Exploration
Mapping & Conceptualisation 
From the mapping process came an observation that people commuting to Cork City  from the suburbs or via the N20 must pass by this building on a daily basis. This gives the building the opportunity to be stopping point.  
From this came the idea of transience which is attempted in this design. The key themes overall being transience and connection.
These themes are a main factor in this design. Connections have been made across each floor in a vertical direction. Entering the building involves crossing over bridges to arrive on the first and second floor levels which assisted the design to evolve through connection, bridges and pathways.
From the theme of transience came the forms and shapes within the building. Transience lead me to design the building in a series of slices which in turn made 3 definite forms with pathways connection these forms together. These forms resonate the shape of the building itself with a pitched roof being one of these factors. 
Con 1 Oct.jpg
Mapping 3,.jpg
Con 2 OCT.jpg
Section Map.jpg
Architects Practice
april - may 2018
visual of studio.png
Design Team Studio - A
Vis 3 AP.jpg
Design Team Studio - B
Board 2 Visual.png
Reception Desk Design
Sectional Elevation
Sectional Elevation
Short Section 2.jpg
Section Through Building
GF Plan.jpg
Ground Floor Plan
FF Plan copy copy.jpg
First Floor Plan
Portfolio Sketches.jpg
Architects Practice
Accountants Office
february - march 2018
vis 2 sketch.jpg
External View
portfolio page 3.jpg
Sectional Elevation
Sectional Elevation
Sectional Elevation
Accountants Office
2012 - 2019
Screenshot 2019-06-12 at 11.35.06 a.m..p
Art and design have always been Sarah's passion, regularly using them as a creative outlet. She enjoys hand drawing with pen, pencil and markers as well as lino printing and making batiks.

Sarah also assisted in the making of a modelling portfolio. She completed a series of head shots on various occasions. She orchestrated the majority of the shoot down to location, time of day and composition of the shots. Working as a team with the model enabled them to finalise what theme and shots were essential.

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